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hey there. my name is basile. I don't really like any pronouns at the moment, and would prefer you just call me basile, or baz, or one of my many usernames across the years. if that gets tough grammatically, they/them works, but please avoid it.

I fester in many places across the internet, and I hope to spread my influence further through an independent site like this.

in the past few years, I've kind of slowed down on doing much of anything. some combination of fear and abuse and other mental fuck-arounds. I'm hoping to move on from that, and this is part of the process. feel free to help me by poking these webpages around a bit.
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  • award: the only bitsy award that should exist - 1 room
  • the flower forest: pick some flowers for your friend - 4 rooms
  • summoned warning for animal death, regular death: didn't expect to find anyone down here... - 2 rooms
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jun 9th - lotta life stuff happening right now. changed the "fediverse" link to the splatoon crossposter because I don't use fedi or twitter anymore, lol

may 22th - spent all evening/night (it is now 1a) making a totally legit, not malware-stuffed aquarium application. it's under "main". enjoy! (I'll likely fix its jank in the future, maybe make some original art for it, etc)

may 20th - ahaha it's been months. anyways. I added Clippy to help aid in case of visual confusion, and also buttons to pop out bitsies/twines/etc into a new tab

mar 21st - new twiary entry. didn't really work on the additions I wanted to for spring break. whoops. maybe tomorrow at the last minute, lol

mar 13th - new twiary entry. busy with midterms atm, I have plans for additions come spring break.

mar 6th - added today's twiary entry. still want to find a way to automate that so all I have to do is add the file to my twine folder without editing this page for it. anyone know a good way to do that?

mar 5th - finally added an updates page, lol. will try to keep this up-to-date but brief.